Betting on Both Team Goals

Betting on Both Team

In football, the whole point is to score goals. Some teams get a lot of them, while others don’t get nearly enough. But one thing is certain: both teams will have chances to score in every football game. The Both Teams to Score (BTTS) betting market has stayed popular because of this, and you can earn betting this at 22bet.

You are looking for contests where you think each team will score at least one goal. The exact number doesn’t matter.

BTTS: Why Place Such a Bet?

This is usually handy while betting on soccer. We’ve all done it: picked six teams to win, then watched in horror as one of our picks gave up a goal in stoppage time to tie the game.

The good thing about Both Teams scoring is that we don’t really care what happens in the end; all we want is for both teams to score. It doesn’t matter if it happens in the first minute or the 91st.

Any team can score against any other team, whether it’s through an odd deflection, a 30-yard field goal into the top corner, or a good old-fashioned long-ball routine. This is why so many people like BTTS!

Does Btts Have Any Value?

To put it simply, absolutely! The odds on each game often range from 8/11 to 23/20, so a £5 treble can easily win £25 or more (plus other more extreme examples in special circumstances).

Bottom line: Prices in this market are usually pretty fair, and all it takes to get very high odds is a treble or a four-leg accumulator.

Look At The Records

When some teams play each other, do they tend to score a lot of goals? Maybe it should be the other way around? Maybe these two teams have already played this season. How did things turn out?

In addition to studying and using common sense, a smart gambler also looks at past results to make sure they are betting correctly. This information is also easy to find online, which is very helpful.

Look Through the Form Book

An old saying says that class stays the same, but form changes. Yes, but there are also many good reasons to back the “form horse.”

If a team is consistently scoring goals, there’s no reason not to put them on your BTTS coupon. Also, stay away like the plague from any team that doesn’t score many goals or has a strong defense.

Watch out for Goal Machines

We’d all love for our favorite teams to have a proven goalscorer, but in reality, only a small number of teams can find that one player who always scores goals, no matter how well his team is doing. Check to see if these people are on both teams.

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