Classification of gambling

Classification of gambling

Gambling also known as betting, involves wagering something of value on a random event with the intent of winning back something valuable. For gambling to take place, it requires the presence of three elements namely; object of value wagered, risk and a price. The outcome of the wager is often immediate like in a single horse race, or sometimes with a longer time frame like wagers on the outcome of an entire sport season.

Learn more about the common types of gambling below.

Casino games

The games made available in casinos are commonly called casino games. Casino settings provided games that can be played for money and also for fun, players gamble cash or casino chips on possibility of random outcomes or combination of outcomes. Casino games are also available online on 22Bet for players at home.

There are three basic categories of casino games;

  • Table games: Games like BlackJack, involve one or more players competing against the house I.e. the casino. The players competes with the house rather than each other, the games are conducted by casino employers also known as croupiers or dealers.
  • Electronic gaming: They are also called gaming machines, examples are Online roulette, Pachinko, Sic Bo, Slot machine, Video poker, Video bingo e.t.c. Gaming machines do not require the help of casino employees to play, and only requires one player at a time.
  • Random number games: Games like Bingo and Keno are based on selection of random numbers by computerized random number generator or other gaming equipment. The games can be played at a table or through paper tickets.

Non casino games 

This category contains games that are played outside the casino. Non-casino games like dead pool, lotteries, scratchcards are sometimes planned to entertain guests at private parties, exhibits, festivals, charity activities. Popular non casino games are;

  • Carnival games: Games such as The Razzle or Hanky Panky are often seen at carnivals, amusement parks, fairs, and charity events sometimes.
  • Coin tossing games: These are easier to predict, it involves tossing two or more coins into the air and the result is predicted by bets made by players. Examples are Two-up, Head and Tail.
  • Dice based games: Backgammon, Liar’s dice, Passe-dix, Hazard, Threes, Pig, or Mexico (or Perudo) are popular examples of dice games. Dice based games are one of the most popular non casino games of chance, players use a pair or more of dice, and their outcome is decided by the throw of the dice. 

Fixed odds betting 

Fixed odds betting is a traditional form of wagering against the odds provided by a bookmaker against the bets exchanged. This type of betting Frequently occurs at sporting events and political elections. 

Sports betting 

Sports betting generally involves predicting sports results and placing wagers on them. Wagers can also be placed on non-athletic events, like reality show contests and political elections, and also non-human contests such as horse racing, greyhound racing, and cockfighting. Wagers for entertainment events like the Grammy Awards, the Oscars, and the Emmy Awards are sometimes offered by sportsbooks.


Over the last years, there has been huge growing interest in gambling, the global online gambling market is predicted to grow exponentially in the next seven years. Do you have an interest in gambling? If yes, it is important to learn adequately about gambling before venturing into it to avoid the negativity associated with gambling.

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